Walltite Spray Foam Insulation is perfect for a Bone Structure building

BONE Structure® has developed and patented an ingenious lightweight steel structure construction technology to design, manufacture and assemble residential and light commercial buildings with zero waste, more efficiently and without compromising architectural creativity. “A BONE Structure may be assembled in days but the results are built to last generations,” Bovet, Founder and CEO of BONE Structure, says, “Precision and speed do not need to compromise efficiency and originality.”


The BONE Structure technology was inspired from a combination of LEGO® and Meccano® – pieces are simply snapped together. The laser cut steel frame is stronger than a traditional wood frame, which enables homeowners a unique and reconfigurable open-space concept, without intermediate beams or load-bearing walls. Electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems are easily connected thanks to precut openings acting as “highways” within the structure, just like an airplane fuselage.

Each custom, tailor-made BONE Structure building has a specific number of screws and parts, taking the guesswork out of planning. BONE Structure clients know exactly what they get and how much it costs. Not only is the end result aesthetically remarkable and sustainable, but the assembly process itself is efficient, economical and produces no waste. Foam Comfort can easily apply Walltite spray foam insulation for the ultimate insulation and moisture barrier. Clients also save up to 90% in heating and cooling costs as every BONE Structure home is Zero Energy Ready by default.

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