Last week Canada – and indeed the world- lost a very special person.  Rob Stewart, an environmentalist and film maker, best known for his outspoken campaign against shark-finning.  Stewart had been diving in the Florida keys and filming Sharkwater: Extinction, the sequel to his famous documentary Sharkwater when both he and his dive partner suffered

I urge you all to watch this eye-opening documentary about the alarming depletion of the world’s shark population and the potentially disastrous consequences it could have on the eco-system. Sharks have been around for 450 million years (humans for only a few hundred thousand years) but due to human activity we may see the end of them within only the next few decades.  At present, we are losing 100 million, or possibly more, sharks every year.

Rob showed us sharks through his eyes, up close and personal. He taught us that sharks are not monsters to be feared, but beautiful creatures that play such a crucial role in our marine ecosystems. Ending the inhumane slaughter of sharks for their fins is more than an animal rights issue, it’s imperative for the health of our natural environment.  We are all stewards of the environment and I urge you to further Rob’s work by watching his videos and sign the petition against the sale of shark fins in Toronto.