Project Description

Project: House Boat


This homeowner “bucked the shackles” of conventional housing for a “house boat”. This great condo alternative gives him a residence, recreational property and a boat all in one tidy and energy efficient little package.

Because Toronto is subject to such diverse weather conditions and a boat in harbor even more so, 2lb polyurethane insulation was used. By encasing walls and roofline, we created a tight envelope which uses very little energy to heat and cool.

Sprayed polyurethane foam insulation, with its high R-value per inch, required only a 2×4 construction to get R20 of insulation in the walls and roofline. Due to the small footprint of the houseboat, valuable floor space was conserved by reducing the framing while maximizing the insulation value.

Initially the homeowner was planning to use Roxul in all the walls and spray foam in the ceiling only. Because we feel so passionately about spray foam and about the service and value we provide, we convinced him to go with foam in the walls. The high moisture environment of a houseboat could mean a buildup of moisture within the wall cavity and we all know that this creates the ideal environment for mould, which can create a toxic living environment. Because spray foam acts as a vapour barrier when applied at a thickness of 2″ or greater, no poly was required and the lack of air movement through the insulation prevents any moisture accumulation and prevents mould.

Stay tuned for more updated pics when the project is complete.


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