Spray Foam Insulation will help save you money this Winter

Did you know most homes will have up to 50% of their hot or cold air leaking outside? When it should remain trapped inside.

Did you know that enough air escapes from a typical house every day to fill two Goodyear blimps? In winter, cold air seeps in and the warm air that you paid to heat escapes. You can feel it happening around your doors and windows.

Spray foam insulation in Toronto

Foam Comfort Spray Foam Insulation, can help save you money on your home heating bills

Especially if you live in an older house, chances are as much as 50% of your heating and cooling bills can be attributed to air leakage. Even in newer construction with traditional insulation, you could be throwing away hundreds of dollars a year!

Now, with rising energy prices, your utility bills are being driven through the roof. All that wasted money, and it’s not even buying you comfort!

Foam Comfort uses the most up to date Spray Foam Insulation equipment while incorporating the latest technologies and application procedures. We specialize in meeting or exceeding the thermal efficiency expectations for the homeowner and builder alike. Whether it’s new construction, renovation, or improving the existing insulation properties of your home or business, Spray Foam Insulation applied by Foam Comfort will give you a stronger, healthier, and more energy efficient home or business compared with old insulation techniques.

BASF Canada’s (BASF) Quality Assurance and Training Program (QATP) ensures it’s spray polyurethane products are installed according to industry standards and manufacturer guidelines. Contractors are monitored to ensure that they follow the stringent requirements of the CAN/ULCS705.2. BASF uses Morrison Hershfield for its QAP Program.

At Foam Comfort Inc., your comfort is of utmost importance to us. If you’re not comfortable, we’re not comfortable. That’s our quality assurance guarantee.

Call Foam Comfort for spray foam insulation in Toronto and the across the GTA. Keep your family cozy and warm inside this winter, while saving money on your heating bill.