ENERSHIELD®-HP is a one component fluid-applied vapor permeable air/ water-resistive barrier. This resilient water-resistant coating may be roller-, brush-, trowel-, or spray-applied directly to approved wall substrates. It provides excellent secondary moisture protection to BASF Wall Systems and most other wall claddings.

Features Benefits
Liquid-applied, continuous membrane Eliminates seams, lap joints and staples; transmits wind load directly to the substrate
Meets ASTM E2357, ICC-ES AC212 and ICC-ES AC148 requirements Fully qualified as an air/water-resistive barrier and flexible flashing material
Approved for use under most wall claddings on mixed-cladding buildings Provides a seamless air and water-resistive barrier
Compatible with BASF adhesives Approved for BASF adhesively-attached Water-Drainage EIFS
Spray-, roller-, trowel- or brush-applied Applicator friendly; quick application
ABAA approved Meets ABAA specifications
Water based Safe for workers and environment; easy to clean up

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