Common Areas of Energy Loss

There are many places in a commercial or industrial building where you are potentially losing energy. These are typically:

  • under the roof
  • under crawlspaces
  • under additions without basements or non-heated additions
  • rim joists (headers) and exterior walls
  • roof decking
  • Above curtain wall
  • Above dropped ceiling
  • Between units
  • Parapet walls
  • Below radiant floor
  • Below concrete slab


Industrial Uses

Because our product sprays on as a liquid it can easily adhere to the smallest nook and cranny and mould itself to any shape. This allows it to be used on various pieces of equipment such as:

  • Duct work
  • I-Beams & Structural steel (thermal bridging)
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Freezers
  • Truck bodies
  • Shipping containers
  • Heated driveways

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