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Foam Comfort’s insulation removal service is safe, clean and labour saving.

We use a high powered state of the art industrial insulation removal vacuum. The vacuum hose is brought into the attic and insulation debris is removed outside into large collection bags. We don’t carry any of it out through your home, eliminating the possibility of contaminating the rest of your home.

Insulation can be damaged by smoke, fire and water.  Sometimes vermiculite, asbestos, rodent droppings and other harmful substances are found in the insulation in your home. Is common household dust a problem in your house?  Your old degrading attic insulation may be the source of the problem.  Not only is it a nuisance, but it may be a contributing factor to poor indoor air quality.  It is important that this “compromised’ insulation is removed before new insulation is applied.

After the removal of the harmful and/or contaminated insulation, Foam Comfort offers Climatizer Cellulose that’s rodent retardant, environmentally friendly, organic and provides top R-value.

Q & A

What is Vermiculite?
Clay mineral formed by the weathering of the mica mineral biotite. Vermiculite consists of layers of mica plates with water between the layers. When vermiculite is heated to 300° C (572° F), the water is driven off and the mineral flakes and become porous. The mineral then expands from 18 to 25 times its original volume. It becomes so light that it will float in water. The expanded, porous vermiculite is used as an insulating material both for heat and sound insulation.

Why Vermiculite Is An Indoor Air Concern
The concern is not with the vermiculite itself but rather the asbestos in some vermiculite products. It has been found that some vermiculite insulation, which is found in millions of attics and walls across North America, contains asbestos in levels above what is considered to be safe.  Recent studies of vermiculite insulation have shown that even casual handling of the insulation can expose workers or homeowners to 150 times the asbestos level considered safe.  Tests have shown that even installing a light fixture or ceiling fan through an attic floor insulated with vermiculite insulation can produce dangerous levels of airborne asbestos. If piles or bags of vermiculite are disturbed, it could cause tiny asbestos particles to get into the air.

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