Project Description

Project: Party Wall


1Neighbors cooking smells making you crazy? What about the next door AC/DC fan who works shifts? airKrete® insulation is the safest and most environmentally friendly insulation product on the market. In addition, it will not burn, is made of organic materials and has a unique composition that captures air in millions of incredibly tiny bubbles. It’s the air trapped in those bubbles that prevents air movement through the wall assembly – effectively blocking those annoying sounds and not so pleasant odours.

Aside from being the perfect solution for shared walls between townhouses and semi-detached homes, airKrete® provides a means to insulate existing walls WITHOUT removing the plaster or drywall. Minimal disruption your motto? Well airKrete® can even be installed from the exterior of your home (dependant on construction type and proximity to neighbouring buildings). Heritage homes often sport unique mouldings, original plaster and detailing specific to the period – charm well worth preserving. With airKrete’s® unique low pressure installation, your walls will not crack and the integrity of your home will remain intact.

2Current government incentives are now in place for using airKrete® insulation to increase your home’s energy efficiency and your comfort. “Now that’s climate change in a good way!”

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