Project Description

Project: Monarch Park Semi with Aluminum Siding


1This architecture typifies Toronto. This semi-detached house defines the Toronto lifestyle – urban practicality – modest footprint, timeless elegance, excellent services and shopping within walking distance.

2This house is frame construction with a brick façade on the front. Side and rear are usually either sided with aluminum or plastic siding or insulbrick. The picture below shows insulbrick under the aluminum siding. The insulbrick is attached to wood framing. On the inside of the house there is usually 2×4 framing with plaster and lathe.

3Using airKrete® foamed-in-place wall insulation, Foam Comfort Inc. was able to add R15.6 of insulation to the 2nd floor exterior walls. The crew removed a piece of siding, drilled a 2” inch hole into the insulbrick and underlying wood. They then pumped in the insulation, plugged the hole with a wooden plug and then put the siding back up.

4The homeowners did not need to move out of the house during the installation and because of the construction of this house, we could fill from outside and there was no need to patch or repaint any interior walls. This is a great way to improve energy efficiency at a fraction of the cost of a interior renovation.

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