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Flame Seal Thermal Barrier UL/ULC S124-06

flame-seal-matchFlame Seal-TB-C is a spray applied thermal barrier paint that is designed to protect polyurethane foamed plastics (spray foam insulation). When exposed to fire or extreme heat, this intumescent coating creates a protective layer of Carbon Foam, thus blocking the fire and preventing heat from transferring to the foam insulation. Flame Seal-TB-C comes in white, drying to a semi-gloss sheen. Flame Seal-TB-C can replace the need to use drywall or cementitious.

flame-seal-afterAn example of applications would include crawlspaces, basement walls and headers, garbage rooms, art galleries and furnace rooms.  The advantage to an intumescent paint include a smooth surface, paintability, washability, durability.  With fast drying times, most applications can be done in one day.

Flame Seal-TB-C is tested and certified under the UL/ULC S124-06 as required by the Canadian Building Code standards. (Section

Flame seal is a water-based product, low in VOC’s and is non-toxic.

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